Results–Creating the Impossible

 Here are some of the accomplishments from the most recent assignments:

  • 50% reduction in WIP dollars and 99% reduction in past due parts, in two months, achieving highest sustained levels of on-time delivery in company history
  • Improved resource utilization for medical clinic through collaborative discussions, increasing community market share
  • Landed 5-year customer contract worth 25% of current sales
  • Used EVA to focus resources for stock value growth of 300% in 10 years, and EVA increased by over 300%
  • Promoted cultural elements that won a Small Business Work-Life Balance Award, and an Work-Life Innovation Award from the Center for Business Ethics
  • 10% health risk factor reductions in workforce in 12 months and 20% reduction in base medical claims over 24 months
  • 60% productivity growth using Theory of Constraints techniques, in 6 months, in two different organizations; coaching a production team through product shut-down while setting new productivity records
  • Project lead for ERP system implementations, and for website upgrade that has improved Search Engine Optimization
  • 10% COGS reduction in 3 months; procured material “total” cost reductions of 10%; warranty expense reduction of 50% in 6 months
  • Team lead for international negotiations in Europe and China
  • Coached team members on DiSC personality characteristics, 7 Habits and Strengths Finder.
  • Improved market share and profitability by aligning organizational efforts on common metric and creating collaboration and enhanced internal controls


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