The Way ‘It’ Works

If you’re a small business owner or executive (church or non-profit leader), you don’t have time to work on one of the keys to organizational success: employee engagement. Your employees (and you) decide each day when they leave the house whether they’re going to be motivated and engaged (i.e. enthusiastic about doing their best and contributing to the success of your organization–the same sort of question you might ask yourself).

alarm clock
It’s Monday Morning….aaaagggghhhh!

Unfortunately, you probably don’t know how to effectively help their motivation. You can read lots of books, go to workshops and gets some ideas trying to figure out what proportion is self-motivation (intrinsic) and what proportion is your responsibility (extrinsic). We cut through the chaos and have created a framework. We coach you on what’s truly effective. We’ve proven it in our own organizations and with others.

  • Foundation of trustworthiness and good leadership
  • Knowing your team members’ motivators (e.g. the lowest proportion of the population is motivated solely by money)
  • Your own level of engagement (your staff’s is almost always less than yours)
  • Understanding the key drivers for engagement (they’re not what you may have read)
  • Understanding how to influence change
  • Putting all together on a daily basis

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Kick It Into High Gear

You’ve nearly lost it when the team just doesn’t ‘get it’! You’ve wondered if your organization will ever break through the performance plateau. We’ve been there and we’ve broken through and our teams have gotten ‘it’. We create a common vision, a common metric and thereby change the corporate culture to enable and encourage engagement, empowerment and enthusiasm. If this is what you want, contact us.


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Have Fun Again!

It happened again yesterday! This isn’t what you signed up for! All the reasons why you love being the boss keep getting shoved further and further away. The great ideas that are inside you keep getting buried. Because who has time to implement them? Certainly not you and who would you trust to bring birth to your ideas anyway? No ONE! They are the reason why you started the company in the first place!

Things aren’t working the way you wanted them to.  By now, most of 2015 results have been determined. It’ll be 6 months before the results of any changes are seen. Now is the time to plan for 2016-2017, but don’t wait for 2016 to start. If you wait till next year, 2016’s results will be determined by what you’ve implemented in 2015.

Most days, you just want to focus on the part of the business that was attractive in the first place. It used to fun, and now it’s not. We can help you find that experience again. We can help you utilize the rest of the team by cloning yourself. If others think like an owner, they will know how to implement your great ideas that make your (yours and theirs) organization a success. They most likely have better ways to implement the ideas than you could imagine if you know how to engage with them, empower them and keep the whole organization aligned and working in the same direction.