Be a Ten-Percenter

No, you don’t want to be at the bottom. But you do want to be part of an exclusive club. You want to be part of the 10% of people who actually make a difference in their lives.

Most people do not change. And a crisis won’t be enough of a stimulus for change. Only 10% of heart disease patients change their lifestyle. They continue to do, and not do, the things that got them into trouble. This is true in business too.

Your organization is struggling. It needs to change. It needs you to change, so that your staff and the rest of the organization will stop reacting and responding to you in the old patterns. Want to get greater results? Make a change. But make a change that helps the rest of your organization.

Try to be a servant leader. Implement Open Book Management (particularly Great Game of Business methodology). Get better at communication (check out the “#1 Mistake in Corporate Communications“). Your team will exceed your expectations. You change; they change and your results will change.

Can you do it? Are you ready for the challenge? Can you be part of the 10-percenters that have made their lives and their organizations better? We can help you through the mess of getting from the not-so-good Here to the never-thought-it-could-happen There.

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