Do You Need Us?

Are you hoping to sell your company in the next 2 years?

Do you have low trust in your staff to run the company in your absence?

Have you procrastinated in developing your successor?

Is your voluntary employee turnover greater than 10%?

Are your company results no different after putting in continuous improvement programs (like Lean, Six Sigma)?

Are many managers blaming other departments for their lack of results?

Do the majority of employees not understand how to earn bonuses, or the majority don’t receive bonuses?

Is there a low percentage of accomplishment of the company’s goals and/or departmental goals? Is there a lack of goals beyond the company goals (i.e. no departmental or individual goals)?

Is there compelling discussion by management about the company’s strategic plan or company goals only once per year? Not by the independent, outside directors?

If the company has an ESOP, can less than 20% of the employee-owners say how they personally can increase the value of their account by a smidgen?

If you said “yes” to more than a third of these questions, then you need us. We can help you and your company enjoy the success it deserves by getting everyone on board, pulling in the same direction and acting like a team.

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