Moving Into Retirement

We can develop your next-generation leader of your business for when you retire (or want to back off a bit from your business).

How does a business owner gracefully pull back or exit from the business he/she has built? Often the plan is to sell the business. But 80-90% of small businesses for sale aren’t sold. (The rate is 30-40% for large enterprises.) If you’re a betting person, you’d be bucking the odds to think your strategy is to sell the company on the open market. Even if you do sell, you may not get the proceeds you think you’ll get because, if you’re like most small businesses, most of the value is in what you know and do; no one can buy that.

Additionally, companies don’t do well when someone from outside comes into the company. Their value doesn’t increase. Insiders do better at creating short- and long-term value. Insiders also already feel passionate about making sure the company continues to be a success.

You probably don’t have a staff person ready to take over the business and lead it as the staff or new leader buy the business from you.

That’s where we come in. We’ve proven in many industries how to unlock the leadership potential in your staff. We can be your interim CEO/COO and develop the new business leader from your team. Contact us at

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