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New group study materials available at many book locations, published by True Potential Media: Jesus on Monday morning

Second Edition of Servant Leadership Practice including a section on toxic leadership is also now available in paperback and eBook versions.

SLP cover 2nd ed (2) (496x640)

Quick and Easy Business Plan: for Start-Ups and Other Small Businesses

Quick and Easy Business Plan
Quick and Easy Business Plan

PhD in Leadership: What They Don’t Teach in Business Schools” by Scott Anthony Ward

Also available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon:

Guerrilla Change: How to Start a Corporate Revolution

Servant Leadership Practice: 40 Days to Transform Your Leadership and Your Organization by Scott Anthony Ward

What Others Have Said About Servant Leadership Practice…

“I am so encouraged with all of your writing about servant leadership. I have been using some of your material as I’m doing my MA at [college] majoring in Global Leadership.” –a South African graduate student in the UK

“This is really neat. Makes you think and act.”—a Chamber of Commerce executive

“Good stuff. Thanks.”—adjunct instructor at a Virginia college

“I am extremely impressed with what you have written. You clearly define through your brief stories – servant leadership. I love your sensitive but most appropriate Scriptural applications. Keep me in the loop as you continue to produce and deliver from your wealth of experience.”—psychologist, business consultant and part of an assessment team for new church planters

“Hey, I really liked your [book]. I found a number of things that will be useful. I always appreciate your insight.”—pastor of a new church

“I loved the book; excellent. My favorite is “Encourage life in the organization”. ..Under “Build up Another”, the idea of encouraging an employee to stretch in order to try again or to allow myself to look at the employee with a different lens is appealing. You have it there.  I enjoyed the book and found myself smiling as I imagined my team talking about things I say all the time.” –director of nursing education

“I have read your eBook not once, but twice!  I really like it.  For me, the fact that you have used your actual encounters to demonstrate what servant leadership looks like in the business world is invaluable.  It would seem like even for Christians, the game changes when we are at work.  To use the old, tired, and worn out cliche “well this is business”
(actually more of an excuse) is to say that what we know is the way a follower of Jesus Christ should conduct himself, even at work, is often times left in our car, out in the parking lot until the end of the business day when we can again assume that “Christ like” persona.  I know because I’ve been there.   Scott, I think you perfectly bring home the idea that servant leadership doesn’t mean dramatic changes to the corporate culture of our workplace, (would be a great goal though) but it is treating all people in our workplace with respect and dignity just as Jesus has called us to do. Your eBook gives us ideas as to how.”—executive with sales and engineering experience with small- and mid-size companies

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