Take Credit When Credit’s Due

If your business is like most, you’re missing opportunities to improve because you might be congratulating yourself early. Most businesses look at their metrics. As long as they see movement in the right direction, they think they’re winning. Leaders and managers then congratulate themselves. However, when the results ‘go south’, they then panic and look for someone else to blame: the economy, the competitors, those darn customers…because it can’t be ‘us’. “We’re still the doing the same things we did when we were succeeding, so it’s got to be something else causing us to become [less profitable, late on our deliveries, short of stock, lower market share, etc.].”

2nd chart

4ward Associates is keen on metrics and the correct analysis of them so that you know if the changes you’re making are moving your business in the right direction, wrong direction or no direction. Perhaps your business is in a rut and you’ve tried a lot of things to make some significant improvements. We’ve been successful in moving many organizations out of those ruts–and it often doesn’t take much.

Let us help you drive the success your organization deserves!

By the way, the graph above is an example of an organization that has plateaued; it’s not getting worse in the last month.

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